A time as well as a place: Sci-Fi fans reveal time travel opinionsFirst published: 21-05-2014If time travel would have been a reality, what might be your preferred way of transport and who'd you take? We recently surveyed UK sci-fi fans regarding views on everything relevant to time travel, determined which franchises the public hold dearest thus to their hearts.33.65% stated The Tardis through the long running Dr Who series will be their preferred way of transport. The DeLorean car used by Marty McFly from the Returning to the longer term trilogy came trail blazing into a close second at 29.2%.The series that turned Michael J Fox right into a global megastar came out on the top because favourite time travel related franchise however, which has a mammoth 22.25% in the votes - so good for the last film was released 24 in years past. Dr Who has been an in depth second, having a respectable 20.4%. Doctor who?When inspired to choose their favourite Time Lord, we weren't surprised to view David Tennant top this list with 32.85% of votes. The actor was many years before his nearest competition - series veteran Tom Baker was chosen just by 12.25%. The late Patrick Troughton was the least popular Doctor, with simply 1.3% with the votes. Dr Who has been and also preferred time travel companion for males and females overall.Sci-Fi fans were vocal about their views on The exorcist, although it offers never featured a period of time travel aspect in one of the six films released up to now. 20 watches .45% of people asked would welcome a period of time travel element into your long awaited Episode VII, but nearly half (47.45%) were against it. If this came to age, there was clearly some distinctly different opinions about which time travel franchise is best . The 18-24 year olds gave Harry Potter a convincing thumbs up, with 34.89% stating it as being their favourite; no surprise really, the fact that the eight films produced have raked in just lacking 8 billion dollars at the global box office.The over 55s surveyed were nowhere near as fond of Hogwarts, with all the tastes voters (27.1%) citing Star Trek his or her favourite franchise. Captain Spock have also been deemed as being the perfect time travelling companion for your over 35s, with 15.07% of votes. The shows 'Guardian of Forever' proved less popular however; only 3.01% asked would choose it to attempt their perfect time travelling adventure. Fact or fiction?If it found the realms of possibility regarding true-to-life time travel, there were some interesting responses. 44.15% of respondents did not have faith in time travel, and didn't think it'd ever happen either. 25-34 year olds were the most sceptical of the asked, and 44-54 year olds were possibly to consider this time travel could occur. best hublot replica The swinging sixties was typically the most popular interval, with 28.2% of respondents opting revisit the peace loving decade in the chance. Rapidly recent 90s fashion revival, it seems like people are not nostalgic enough to wish to go to now of your energy yet, with only 7.3% women and seven.85% men deciding on the last decade that led us in to the new millennium.People say being raised is usually a hard action to take, however didn't stay away from the majority (39.3%) on the sci-fi fans surveyed from choosing their teenage life because the time of their life they will possib to re-visit. rolex datejust replica best rolex to buy watches
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